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The Advantages of Outsourcing

When it comes to building cleaning and maintenance, getting it done right doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it yourself. No one knows how to clean more effectively and more efficiently than the people who have made doing so their mission.

Outsourcing your maintenance needs to a building service contractor (BSC) saves you time, money, liability, and headaches, and at the same time it gives you a better result. Outsourcing to a BSC will provide you with a cleaning service level superior to in-house levels. BSCs like Gibb Building Maintenance make it their job to know about the most cutting edge cleaning methods, equipment, and products so that you don’t have to. They spend their time researching and training in gold standard cleaning methods, and then apply those methods to your building, giving you the best looking and maintained site possible. Many BSCs also offer emergency cleaning, something that might not be possible with in-house staff. It makes sense to leave the cleaning to professionals who have made maintenance their specialty. When you outsource your maintenance needs, you, as a business owner, can focus your efforts and time on your own business.

Outsourcing your facility cleaning and maintenance needs to a building service contractor can stabilize and reduce your business costs significantly. With a BSC, the fees and services are established and guaranteed by contract. You know up-front what to expect and can budget accordingly. Within the bounds of a Schedule of Duties, if an accident occurs or unexpected costs arise, they are the responsibility of your BSC, and not a headache for you to deal with.

Outsourcing is much simpler than dealing with multiple paychecks, tax forms, scheduling, training, and liability for maintenance employees. It’s also much easier to scale up or scale down the amount of cleaning in your building. If you are outsourcing you can increase the amount of cleaning with a phone call, there is no need to hire new employees.

BSCs benefit from economies of scale and specialization, and they can pass savings on to you. Furthermore, outsourcing thoroughly lowers or even completely eliminates your capital investment in cleaning equipment and materials. Outsourcing also brings market forces to bear on cleaning costs. You can expect pricing from your BSC that is within the market, and not be challenged by expected wage increases for inhouse staff.

The benefits of outsourcing to a BSC are clear. Give yourself more time for your own business and leave the cleaning to professionals.


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