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The Benefits of Cleaning Maintenance

Many people don’t realize the importance of making sure that their building is not only cleaned but cleaned frequently and well. Appearances, while pleasing, are only the beginning of the many important aspects of having an effective cleaning and maintenance program in place that truly fits your needs.

Image is the most obvious benefit of high-quality cleaning. Have you ever really thought about the lasting effects that the state of your building can have on your business? The benefits of a clean, well-maintained building go beyond the client, customer, or potential tenant. The cleanliness of your building can directly affect your business’s productivity and bottom line. If a building is clean and pleasant looking it will energize your employees. They will be more aware, in better moods, and therefore more ready to do quality work for you. Improved employee satisfaction will also raise your rate of retention and therefore reduce costly recruitment. In considering your bottom line, it is important to realize that the productivity and retention rate of your company will be improved because the cleanliness of your building creates a better working atmosphere.

A consistent and appropriate cleaning regimen has other benefits as well. It is estimated that the cost to remove one pound of dirt embedded in a building is $1000, so better to “stay on top of it” than to deal with build-up. Proper cleaning and maintenance is beneficial to the building itself. The right cleaning methods and regimen can significantly reduce wear and tear on your building. This extends its life and increases its value. Your building will look better longer and you will save money on replacement costs.

Cleaning and maintenance are especially important for common floor surfaces like carpet, wood, glass, ceramic tile, vinyl composite tile (VCT), and Formica. Dirt and soils brought into your building will wear down the surfaces of your floors and reduce their lifespan. It is important to formulate and implement the correct cleaning and maintenance program to prolong the life of your building and save you money.

It is always important to maximize efficiency, but corners shouldn’t be cut where building cleaning and maintenance are concerned. Consider all the factors, not just cost, when choosing a building service contractor. A thorough and effective cleaning and maintenance system should be seen as an investment in your company’s business image, the productivity and satisfaction of its employees, and the longevity of the building itself.


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