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Gibb Quality Control

Gibb Building Maintenance believes quality practices ensure safety and satisfaction.

Gibb uses a variety of cleaning processes to cater to the unique characteristics of each facility. Every modern maintenance technique, every piece of equipment and every product we use is carefully researched and evaluated to our total satisfaction before implementation in the field.

Our quality cleaning products offer a variety of important benefits, including automated mixing in sealed, tamper-proof containers to ensure consistent, effective cleaning solutions. These easy-to-use, versatile containers enhance performance and improve safety by limiting employee and occupant contact with the cleaning solutions. They also make storage and disposal simple and easy which means less impact on the environment.

One of the First to Offer a Comprehensive Green Cleaning Program

Our Green Cleaning services use Green-Seal Certified and environmentally preferable products to minimize the impact on health and the environment while maximizing occupant morale, productivity, safety and wellness. Green Cleaning results in a safer, healthier and cleaner work environment. It’s an excellent investment in the future of your business, employees, facility and the future of our planet. Gibb is proud to be one of the first in the region to offer this innovative cleaning concept. Please call us to learn more about what it can do for your business and your bottom line.

Responsive, Reliable Service

The Gibb “Team-Trac™” system and inspection program ensure unparalleled, timely service. Gibb continually evaluates the progress and procedures of our team members to provide our partners and their facilities with the highest quality services.

  • The Gibb Owner Inspection Program
    Unique to Gibb Building Maintenance is a customer service program built on the backs of its owners… literally! Each facility is assigned to one owner for all aspects of Partner
    communication. This individual is available 24 hours per day/7 days per week by telephone, pager and e-mail. This “one-on-one” approach is key to our success and provides
    our Partners one simple process for managing all of their building maintenance needs. You no longer have to ask for the owner to get results. You will see an owner every week in person.
  • Gibb University
    Gibb Building Maintenance Company, Inc. understands that the quality of work performed is only as good as the people performing it. Consequently, we take pride in our thorough three-step program in which team members are trained, tailored, and taught. Every member of our team must complete multiple levels of training that take place in the Gibb office as well as in a managed environment within the field. All team members work in a buddy system to ensure quality control until they have been cleared to work independently. Once a new member of the Gibb team has completed the training process, they are placed within a facility on the particular tasks that best meet their personal tallents and abilities.

  • The Gibb 30-Minute Call to Action
    We guarantee a 30-minute response time to our partners’ inquiries.

  • The Gibb “Team Trac™” System
    Our computerized dispatch system monitors Gibb team members 24/7 to provide partner satisfaction and cost savings.


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