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Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is defined as an illness, affecting workers in office buildings, characterized by skin irritations, headache, and respiratory problems, and thought to be caused by indoor pollutants, microorganisms, or inadequate ventilation. 

People Spend 90% of Their Time Indoors
The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that indoor air quality is 2 to 45 times worse than outdoor air, and can be as much as 100 times worse. Sick building syndrome is at issue in an estimated 30 percent of new and newly renovated buildings. People, by and large, spend about 90 percent of their time indoors.

What does this mean and how can Gibb Building Maintenance help? The EPA estimates medical costs for serious illnesses caused by indoor air pollution total more than $1 billion annually while lost productivity from those illnesses cost between $4.7 billion and 5.4 billion a year. Add sick leave time to that lost productivity and illnesses caused by indoor air pollution cost businesses up to $60 billion a year. An estimated 85 percent of the office cost per square foot paid by employers goes toward employee expenses. Going by the numbers, that means a 2 percent drop in productivity caused by an unhealthy work environment can be extremely costly. Similarly, healthy work environment is claimed to raise employee productivity by about 5 to 10 percent largely because employees are taking less sick leave and have healthier attitudes.

Schools in Syracuse, N.Y., documented gains in attendance of over 11% yielding added state funding totaling $2,513,250 the first year after deploying a healthier cleaning regimen. This was attributed to the improved health of students by disinfecting desk/ surfaces, reducing dust using high-efficiency filter vacuums, and other cleaning measures.

Gibb Building Maintenance takes great pride in offering two proactive measures to offset revenue and health losses due to unhealthy work environments. The Gibb Green program offers environmentally safe cleaning products and techniques to improve surface and air quality within the workplace while the Gibb Advantage provides tailored services designed to meet all of your building maintenance needs with one simple monthly payment option.


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