GIBB Post-Construction Cleaning

Dust, dirt and grime covers most of the surfaces following any construction project, from industrial plants, commercial office buildings and schools to commercial centers and medical facilities. Construction cleanup service is a bit different than a residential or commercial cleaning service mainly because the work is much more labor-intensive.  We move in before you do to thoroughly clean your facility, including debris removal, window washing, detailed sanitation of surfaces, and floor maintenance.

To ensure you get a quality cleaning after construction, we focus our cleaning on the follow areas and surfaces:


1.)    Outside of the structure

Depending on the scope of the construction, there may be a significant amount of exterior clean up that needs to take place.  We ensure that there is no trash or debris around the outside of the building to ensure a safe and pleasing appearance.

2.)    Walls, windows and Ceilings

We ensure that windows, sills and ledges are all cleaned, dust and streak free and returned to a clean and maintained condition after construction.

3.)    Air Ducts and HVAC

A thorough duct and vent cleaning is advised to ensure your new space is not continually dusty after construction is complete.


4.)    Counters, Cabinets and Drawers

Whether new storage spaces or old, especially kitchen space, they are likely to be significantly more dirty after the construction process both from dust in the air as well as a lack of use

5.)    Bathrooms

The bathroom likely had a significant increase in traffic during construction, or was totally neglected and not in use.  Bathrooms will be deep cleaned to ensure the removal of all construction dust, debris and trash.

6.)    Floors

This should be the last area we consider cleaning after a construction project