GIBB Advantage

We Are GIBB Building Maintenance

Gibb Advantage provides a customized plan that maximizes your maintenance dollars by targeting specific areas with the proper type and frequency of cleaning.


Why clean the total area of your carpeting 3 times per year when a heavily traveled area requires 5 times per year and another area requires only 1 time per year?

The Gibb Advantage program addresses these issues and monitors your building/office needs for cleaning duties to meet the specific needs of your work environment and employees. From windows and carpet, to upholstery and tile floors – Gibb Advantage services areas with the proper cleaning type and frequency required.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the reduced replacement costs associated with over or under cleaning specific areas of your office or building.

Gibb Advantage Key Benefits:

  • Saves our Partners money
  • Increase longevity of surfaces
  • Reduce unnecessary stress due to untimely repairs
  • Maintaining consistent quality and appearance for your facility
  • Maintenance issues are removed from Partner
  • Budgetary issues are resolved
  • Partner anxiety reduced