GIBB Owner Inspection

We Are GIBB Building Maintenance

To ensure the highest quality service possible, we develop, with our Partners, a customized inspection plan to evaluate our team’s progress and all work details.


All buildings are inspected at least two times per week or by Partner request. During the initial visit, a thorough written evaluation is made and a follow-up visit is made the very next service day where a member of management inspects any areas of concern addressed in the previous days’ inspection to ensure resolution.

The GIBB inspection program ensures consistency and accountability. We employ the “GIBB Single-Strike Policy”, which states that if an issue should arise it will be dealt with promptly, and with resolute action to guarantee that it does not occur again. We take all necessary steps to educate our team members and provide all GIBB Partners access to hard copies of any requested evaluation.


GIBB provides 24/7 service with systems in place to ensure you receive immediate attention should an emergency or concern ever arise. Simply e-mail or call our office anytime. We promise the fastest response time in the industry with a commitment to resolve any issue within 24 hours.