GIBB University

We Are GIBB Building Maintenance

We take pride in our thorough three-step program in which team members are trained, tailored, and taught.


GIBB team members go through an initial 3-hour training session in which they are introduced to our policies, procedures, and expectations. During this training period each team member is taken step by step through every aspect of commercial and industrial cleaning with a hands-on approach.


All team members are then evaluated and placed in a facility where their talents, skills and personalities are best utilized. Here the tailoring process begins. With the aid of our full-time training staff, each team member is taken systematically through a building, where their cleaning skills are tailored for quality and consistency. When both the team member and the training staff feel they are ready to perform the job, the evaluation and inspection procedures begin.


In conjunction with the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI), our full-time training staff members regularly attend conferences and meetings and have access to the latest. New plans and products to be implemented in our programs are then added to the training curriculum. In addition, all team members in the field are introduced to these same new products, techniques and technologies – an on-going education process.