GIBB Security & Safety

We Are GIBB Building Maintenance

GIBB Building Maintenance Co, Inc. will adhere to all partner, client, owner and tenant security policies and requests.

Issues and Policy Procedures

  • All key handling and door security procedures
  • Inventory listing of keys, codes and access cards endorsed per request
  • Key loss/re-keying insurance provided under GIBB’s insurance policy
  • Partner, client and personal property/equipment issues
  • Obvious unauthorized/suspicious activities and persons issues
  • Emergency response policies and issues
  • Privacy issues, incidental disclosure regulations
  • Tag-out procedures
  • Access restrictions and internal locking procedures

GIBB requires both employment reference checks and background (criminal history) via law enforcement agencies, regarding all interview applicants. Substance testing will be provided at the behest of our client.


For partner security, all team members are provided with company uniforms and badges which provide our partners with visible identification of all GIBB team members


Sarbanes-Oxley (corporate confidentiality) and other security rules will be followed as apply to incidental disclosure issues and federal laws / guidelines pertaining to HIPPA (medical health record confidentiality).


If a team member hasn’t or can’t report to work, the Response Team (RT) members assigned to that facility will be paged to handle the shift duties. The same RT members are used for vacation coverage, planned absence and sick-day coverage. All RT members will be familiar with the duties to be performed, policies and are trained and capable of performing the cleaning duties assigned.